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Achieve your Desired Body Shape Goal and Burn Fat Quickly and Effective without Losing your Lean Muscle With Customized Fat Loss Program

What is Customized Fat Loss?

Customized fat loss program is designed to fit every person’s needs to get his or her desired body shape. This program comes with certain software designed to assist both men and women in burning fat while maintaining the lean muscle. This software will direct you to a favorable achievement. You just need to combine it with a balanced diet plan along with the right workout regimen for quick and effective achievements.

How Does It Work?

The nutrition plan of this system is customized in accordance with your metabolism and one of the six-body types, (Endomorphs, Mesomorphs etc). Various body types responds differently to a range of nutrients. Therefore, once you have known your body type along with how it responds to nutrition it will absolutely assist to know what you should eat as well as when to eat for you to burn the excess fat in your body without losing your lean muscle.

Customized fat Loss uses 4 patented formulas, which were designed by nutritionists, scientists in cooperation and exercise experts. You just need to enter all the detailed information such as age, weight height, and metabolism into these formulas and it will prepare a diet plan that will suit your body depending on your needs during the day. Besides, your information will determine the amount of calories you require and the time to eat for you burn fat without losing your lean muscle.

What If I do not Know My True Body Type?

In this guide, Kyle Leon, a nutrition specialist and the creator of the program teaches an easy way to know your body type so that you are capable of personalizing your diet plan accordingly. Therefore, you should not worry even if you do not know your body type.

Whom Is CFL for and Whom Is CFL Not For?

Customized fat loss program is designed for everyone as long as you in a serious target of achieving your dream body shape. The program will assist you to lose the extra pounds you have wished to eliminate in your body.

What If I Do Not Like The Food Am Supposed to Eat?

This program has a database of about 1400 foods that assists you in optimizing fat loss by fulfilling the needs of your body. Therefore, you can create your personal diet plan and it will show you the amount of calories your body requires along with what your diet plan should be. You will be given 3 personalized foods to select from and the system will calculate the number of calories required in your body for you to regulate your diet plan accordingly.

Is It Safe to use My Credit Card Online?

Your card is the best and safe way to use and you will be assured of getting your real program. Besides, bank is the only ones who have access to your financial information so the rest will not have the ability to access your financial details.

What If It Does Not Work For Me?

Once you follow all the instructions given am certain that you will achieve your dream body shape. However, if you are not satisfied with the program you 100% guaranteed of getting your money back. Besides, this shows how confident Kyle is in achieving your dream body shape and is not there for cash only.

Customized fat loss program by Kyle Leon

What is customized fat loss?

In the genX of 21st century every people desires for a perfect body shape. For customized fat loss one need to go for proper diet plans and exact workouts. Lots of chemical supplements have had been introduced in the world of marketing which claims they can shed extra fat in our body in a very short span of time. These supplements might be successful in some cases, but the chemical proportion of those supplements has lots of side effects and causes chronic diseases. Therefore, it is necessary for an obese people to follow an exact weight loss program. The customized fat loss is such an ebook which guide those obese people to loss their weight in a medicated manner.

Highlighting points of customized fat loss:

The professional fitness model and nutritionist Kyle Leon wrote this ebook of customized fat loss program using his own past experience of losing weight. The combination of proper diet plans and workout helps to go for customized fat loss. Some of the important details of this fat loss program ebook and its contents are as follows:

  • The ebook customized fat loss program gives the knowledge of both diet planning and proper exercises to their readers.
  • 3 customizable diet plans are listed under the content of the diet plan due to the usage of a database of 1400 various foods. Hence, three kinds of diets plans can be furnished with these foods.
  • User can choose as well as make his/her own diet plan with the help of the guidance rendered in the program.
  • Different varieties of workouts are there in the customizable fat loss program according to various body types and their bulkiness. Overall 6 different workout options are there in the ebook, and hence the users have their own option to choose their workout routine.
  • The fat loss program also corrects the common mistakes made by different people during their weight loss session, like skipping of meals, drinking cool water, etc. in a very delicate manner.

Pros of customizable fat loss programs:

  1. The ebook does not contain excessive information instead of the essential knowledge.
    2. A quick start guide is provided at the beginning of the ebook, through which user can get a basic idea of their upcoming days.
    3. User can choose their own programs keeping in mind their body condition.
    4. One can download the complete ebook from the internet.

Cons of customizable fat loss program:

  1. Lots of will power is needed to follow guidance provided in the customizable fat loss program.
    2. The fat loss program is not available in the market in the form of text books.
    3. Performing workouts without any visual learning facility is quite difficult.


The motto of the customizable fat loss program is dissolute the excess fat from the various parts of the body. Dieting only helps to prevent the formation of extra fat and the workout routine helps shedding the fat present in our body. Both of these factors have been beautifully depicted in the program to go for a customized fat loss.

Customized weight loss

Nearly everyone struggles to attain the body they feel comfortable in. This is so because physical appearance is really a great deal for many these days. There exits, therefore, a good number of weight loss programs in the market today that help assist in achieving the kind and type of body one wants.

Not all these weight loss programs are good and helpful and so in order for one to efficiently attain the right kind and type of body he/she wants, they need to choose the right program.
Among the many weight loss programs these days is the Customized Fat Loss. This is an innovative program designed by body-builder cum fitness expert Kyle Leon to help men and women to achieve the right kind of body they feel comfortable by losing body fats yet retaining the muscles that comes with them and also to make them be aware of how to prevent the acquisition of such fats back

This program is suitable for all kind of body types and fitness levels age and gender. This is because all these characteristics are put into consideration when the program is being developed to make it provide optimum results.

Customized Fat loss program outdo most of other fat loss programs in that it does not offer pills but makes one aware of ways to change your lifestyle and also how to lose weight by making use of very nutritious and natural food sources for you to realize the kind of body you want.

It also make you choose your own diet rather than being directed on what to eat and when. It makes you aware of the food necessary for you to shade the fats.

This program has a number of features that point out very many important facts regarding optimum weight loss such as:

  • It points out the explanations of common mistakes people are prone to when they want to lose weight.
  • It also points out the side effects associated with the use of diet pills and also fat diet.
  • It offers cardio free solution to help tighten the skin and aid also in weight loss.
  • It enlighten people the tips to make you maintain the kind of body acquired for such a long period of time.
  • It point out the importance of various body nutrients like vitamins, minerals among others and how to improve weight loss through eating of different kind of food and in the correct quantities.
  • Customized fat loss program also point out how to shade off much fat while in the process build muscles. It explains how nutrition will be helpful in both the shading of weight and also building off your body muscles in the process.

Customized Fat loss program is so far the best selling weight loss program in the market today. This is due to the many benefits that it bring with it.
To achieve the type of body one yearns for and a healthier lifestyle with much ease, he/she needs to take a step and try the program.

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss: Stop Making Excuses And Start Losing Weight Today!!

The Customized Fat Loss plan was compiled by an expert body builder, Kyle Leon to help every people to improve their health and to lose bad fats. Whether you want to follow Leon’s example by lose some weight, or whether you simply want building up your own muscles, Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss is a right choice for you!!

Experience It For Yourself:

As the name implies, Customized Fat Loss is a product that guarantees weight loss through workout plan and customized diet. This wonderful program is created by Kyle Leon. He is an expert nutritionist, fitness model and a bodybuilder. The Kyle Leon customized fat loss helps you to increase your fat lose diet based on your body type. It is a good program that highlights what are your exact nutritional needs to maintain your body with only the required amount of fat. That is why this product is called Customized Fat Loss.

The wonderful thing about the product is that it doesn’t only teach you how much to eat but also provides ready-made meal plans for you. Combined with trainee you can wish to see positive results every time you look in the mirror. Kyle Leon customized fat loss is not just a two or three month program, but rather one that you can use EVERY year!

Here are some of the things included in this program:

  • Learn why it is not recommended to take diet pills or follow other diet plans.
  • The mistakes that people often make when they are losing weight.
  • Tips for maintaining your desired weight.
  • Learn to eat the right kind of food and how much you can consume.
  • Find out a perfect solution to lose weight and look younger without doing any hard cardio.

Do You Want to Include Your Favorite Meals in Your Menu Plan?

Basically, the program can receive your upload list about your favorite food and then processes the information received and generating with a specific menu plan for you. Even, you can contacting the Kyle Leon and have your doubts cleared. Don’t worry, The Kyle Leon customized fat loss does all that your private trainer does for you. You can have a private trainer only if you are very rich, whereas, this program is affordable to all.

What Are The Benefits?

Kyle Leon customized fat loss works based the principle that no two individual are identic. Each people has a different genetic that show the way their bodies in processing nutrients. It would mean that it’s impossible or hard for a generic plan to give positive result for everyone. But, this product begins with an approach from your lifestyle, then focusing in on some factors like: activity level, body type, weight, height, etc. Then this data is utilized to produce work out plan and meal customized to your type. What I feel most important is the fact that it’s another plan that will never require you to use limited point systems or to take supplements. However, Kyle Leon instructs his training to make positive changes to their healthy life and teaches the use of organic and natural foods.


This product is the result of experienced efforts of Kyle Leon. He has made much easier to have a shape body with the using this program. Kyle Leon customized fat loss teachs you how to loose weight effectively, quickly and in a healthy way.


Customized Fat Loss Program: Achieve Your Dream Body Shape and Burn Fat Quickly!!

Are you frustrated with your body metabolism and desperate looking for customized fat loss system that can help burn those stubborn belly fat fast without spending fortune? Then Kyle Leon’s program walk you through customized fat loss system endorse by practicing physician as effective fat burning breakthrough great for anyone interested in losing fat.

Product Description:

Customized Fat Loss by Kyle Leon is one of the most complete fat loss systems. Researched the complex relationship between specific nutrients and exercises with fat loss, energy levels, and body shape, for years and has put his proven methods for shedding fat into a system that can be perceived by even the most inexperienced, overweight individual. The program takes all this data and generate a caloric amount target for user on a commonplace. This is often the amount of calories that you simply should to consume for maximum shed loss suitable with the arrange. Additionally, you’re given pointers on water and nutrients consuming and on what amount cardio you should to do.

What Do You Get?

With the use of the “breakthrough nutritional software”, and mixed with workouts the results speak for themselves. He provides you rightly what to do to shed fat without losing important muscle tissue. The program is a success in itself. By combining knowledge with the technology of a team of professional shed loss, Kyle has developed program that can decide a system specifically designed (based on your weight, age, height and metabolism) to get plan for you. After exploring your proper body type, the program will provide you right macro nutrient quantities that you are taking along the day, and even adjust your nutrient activity based around your exercises to increase maximum energy as well as fat burning potential.

What If I Do Not Like The Food Am Supposed to Eat?

This program has about 1400 foods databases that help you in increasing fat loss by fulfilling the needs of your body. Therefore, you can generate your personal diet plan and it will teaches you the number of calories your body needed along with what your diet plan. You will be given 3 customized meals to choose from and the software will generate the amount of calories needed in your body for you to maximize your diet plan accordingly.

Does The System Produce Positive Results In The Real World?

Yes, there are satisfactions all over the customers to promote it and I have no reason to hesitation it. The workout principle is nice, and the science make sense too. Added with the reality that the right daily energy needed of your body are generated and prepared to you on a platter, the results are more than predictable; they are inevitable.


The program is really satisfactory. The bonuses that you get along with this system are very valuable. The money back guarantee is definitely an added benefit. It is entirely a different product from all other generic weight loss programs. So now that you have explored my secret to having a sexier and leaner body it’s your turn to become sexier and fit too with Customized Fat Loss today.

Getting A Positive Transformation In Your Body Through Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss System

Obesity is one of the number one health concerns in today’s society. Since conformity is the trick for one to get attractions from others, many individuals tend to do anything possible just to be considered “appealing”. In order to successfully lose weight you should consider about Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss system.

What is Customized Fat Loss?

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss system takes a step away from your general weight loss system by being one that is able to be completely customized for the individual. It’s tailored approach to nutrition involves using custom made software along with exercise to quickly burn fat, whilst focusing on building lean muscle mass. The core philosophy behind the program is that every single person requires a completely unique and personalized plan for weight loss, health and fitness. Because everyone has a different body type and metabolism, getting results from “one size fits all” weight loss programs is often impossible for most people. That’s what Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss system has aimed to conquer with its product.

Who Is Kyle Leon?

Kyle Leon is not an ordinary fat loss master. He is also a professional body builder, famous fitness model, and trusty nutritionist, which simply means that he has all the directions to back up his fat loss system. According to Leon, the “customizing” is the key to weight management and shedding fat because the system must not be the same from one person to another.

User’s Feedback:

People who applied the system themselves have said a powerful satisfactory response on the system through various fat loss forum communities online. They claim to now have fat free and wonderful leaner body. They have now get their confidence back that being overweight took them.

From the research of the Best Daily Review Team made and with the information shown there is no doubt that this system is the recommended fat loss system that you can find in the market today. The review made by the people has proven the efficiency and effectiveness of the system to deliver the promises.

The Benefits of Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss System:

  • Kyle Leon offers people with powerful directions based many years of deep researching, testing with famous fitness models, professional, and nutritionist.
  • It contains no injuries, no medicines with no drugs so people don’t need worry about the harmful side effects.
  • It has comprehensive features, mainly complete direction on how to taking the right diet and workout for every individual.
  • Users can lose weight rapidly than other diet applications.
  • People can take and create their own meals.
  • This system comes with 60 day money-back guarantee when you do not achieve positive result.

The Final Verdict:

The fact that you’ve so substantially freedom is what provides Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss its power. People are generally very impatient and want to lose weight quickly. You are able to simply create food plans with pretty guess work and you can prefer your meals more than on other diets so you may likely stick towards the system for as long as you needed.


Customized Fat Loss by Kyle Leon Review

Customized Fat Loss Review

A flat belly, slim figure and toned up muscles – It is the dream of almost everyone in the world, but this dream comes true only for a few fortunate people. There are many with protruding belly fat, fat figure and flabby muscles. I can hear you sigh while reading this. I am sure you are among them. Is it right? Here is some good news for you. You can lose weight and achieve goal through Customized Fat Loss. Are you interested in knowing further details before going for the program? Read this Customized fat loss review.

What is Customized fat loss?

It is a weight loss program that has gained a lot of popularity because it is a customized plan to suit the needs of each and every individual. This program is developed by Kyle Leon and his team comprising of renowned experts in the field of nutrition, body building and fitness.

Who is Kyle Leon?

He is a popular fitness expert. He is also a successful bodybuilder. He has posed proudly for the front covers of many magazines. He was known as Lanky Leo in his high school days because of his lanky body. He was so conscious of his body that he wore t-shirts even during beach outings.

To build muscles he spent a lot of precious money as well as time to buy bodybuilding supplements and to try all sorts of workouts. It is true that these workouts improved his health, but what about his appearance? It remained the same.

Luckily, he was introduced to a nutrition expert by a bodybuilder whom he met in his college days. That was the turning point in his life. Lanky Leo became a renowned bodybuilder.

His personal experience and research have taught him a lot of lessons. He developed Customized Fat Loss to help all people to get their dream physique.

What are the special features of Customized Fat Loss?

  1. No two person in this world are alike. They have their own physical and mental characters. Most of the other weight loss programs give a single plan to be followed by everyone. Kyle Leon, divides the body into six types namely, endomorphs, mesomorphs, ectomorphs, meso-endomorphs, meso-ectomorphs and ecto-mesomorphs. You have to find which your body type is and follow the diet plan to suit your body requirement.
  2. The program makes use of the improved technology to device your meal plan. You have to log in to an account. When you fill in the personal details, you are provided with a meal plan devised by Kyle Leon.
  3. The program has both workout days and resting days. The menu plan for workout day is different from a resting day.
  4. The system helps you to evaluate the calorie and nutrient requirements needed for the body. You can formulate a customized menu plan with the help of the tools provided by Kyle Leon.
  5. Most of the diet programs put you on a bland diet or starving. Customized Fat Loss helps you to create a menu by using the list of your favorite foods.
  6. The exercise schedule suggested is this program is also customized. The workout combines a variety of methods to avoid boredom.
  • The workouts include
  • High intensity interval training
  • Low intensity cardio
  • Free weight training and
  • Strength machine exercises.
  1. It helps you to avoid the three common mistakes made by most of the dieters.

What are the pros of Customized Fat Loss?

  1. It is in PDF format. It is easy to download and easy to use.
  2. Both the meal plan and exercise plan is tailor made for you. So it is definitely more effective than other plans that are devised commonly for all.
  3. It is based on the personal experiences of Kyle Leon. His success is a guarantee for the success of the program.
  4. You need not sacrifice eating your favorite foods.
  5. The program is flexible. You can change the meal plans online. The changes made help in achieving your target quickly and easily.
  6. The system provides you with the software and other necessary tools needed for the success of the plan.
  7. Kyle gives you a lot of useful tips on how to live a healthy life.
  8. It is suitable for all. It is suitable for people who want to lose fat as well as for people who want to build muscles.
  9. When you buy the program, you get four useful bonuses. They are Restaurant eating guide, what not to eat after workout, five foods that kill fat and seven quick and easy cooking tips to burn fat without getting bored.
  10. The author can be contacted online. His guidance will help you in reaching your goals.
  11. You are offered an 8-week money back guarantee. And it is cheap and affordable when compared to the money spent on getting the advice of a private nutrition or fitness expert and enrolling in a gym.
  12. The program has received positive reviews from many users.

What are the cons of Customized Fat Loss?

  1. It can be used only if you have internet access.
  2. It is not suitable to people who are on the lookout for magical weight loss without workouts or diet plans.
  3. The workouts may not be suitable for beginners. They may find the workouts difficult to follow.
  4. Most of the users are not willing to accept the supplements suggested by Kyle because these supplements are not actually needed for the success of the program.

The final verdict

Kyle Leon has a very good record in bodybuilding and fitness training. His system is certainly reliable. It is better than other weight loss programs because it takes into consideration the sex, the age, the weight, the height, the goal and other personal needs of the dieter. Most of the weight loss programs fail because they do not take into account your personal details and needs. The program acts like your personal trainer and dietician. You are ensured of success because of the money back guarantee. This system seems to be a reliable program. It is the best option to lose weight and build muscles safely, quickly and effectively. See the Free customized fat loss video