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Customized fat loss program by Kyle Leon

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What is customized fat loss?

In the genX of 21st century every people desires for a perfect body shape. For customized fat loss one need to go for proper diet plans and exact workouts. Lots of chemical supplements have had been introduced in the world of marketing which claims they can shed extra fat in our body in a very short span of time. These supplements might be successful in some cases, but the chemical proportion of those supplements has lots of side effects and causes chronic diseases. Therefore, it is necessary for an obese people to follow an exact weight loss program. The customized fat loss is such an ebook which guide those obese people to loss their weight in a medicated manner.

Highlighting points of customized fat loss:

The professional fitness model and nutritionist Kyle Leon wrote this ebook of customized fat loss program using his own past experience of losing weight. The combination of proper diet plans and workout helps to go for customized fat loss. Some of the important details of this fat loss program ebook and its contents are as follows:

  • The ebook customized fat loss program gives the knowledge of both diet planning and proper exercises to their readers.
  • 3 customizable diet plans are listed under the content of the diet plan due to the usage of a database of 1400 various foods. Hence, three kinds of diets plans can be furnished with these foods.
  • User can choose as well as make his/her own diet plan with the help of the guidance rendered in the program.
  • Different varieties of workouts are there in the customizable fat loss program according to various body types and their bulkiness. Overall 6 different workout options are there in the ebook, and hence the users have their own option to choose their workout routine.
  • The fat loss program also corrects the common mistakes made by different people during their weight loss session, like skipping of meals, drinking cool water, etc. in a very delicate manner.

Pros of customizable fat loss programs:

  1. The ebook does not contain excessive information instead of the essential knowledge.
    2. A quick start guide is provided at the beginning of the ebook, through which user can get a basic idea of their upcoming days.
    3. User can choose their own programs keeping in mind their body condition.
    4. One can download the complete ebook from the internet.

Cons of customizable fat loss program:

  1. Lots of will power is needed to follow guidance provided in the customizable fat loss program.
    2. The fat loss program is not available in the market in the form of text books.
    3. Performing workouts without any visual learning facility is quite difficult.


The motto of the customizable fat loss program is dissolute the excess fat from the various parts of the body. Dieting only helps to prevent the formation of extra fat and the workout routine helps shedding the fat present in our body. Both of these factors have been beautifully depicted in the program to go for a customized fat loss.

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